Supreme Court Case Could Help Alison Collins

  • Supreme Court Takes Case That Could Help Alison Collins Lawsuit
  • What’s the Difference Between Recall and Reform?
  • Drive-Thru Recall Petition Signing (Sunday May 2)
  • The Case for Recalling the School Board
  • Recall Timeline
  • Action Items
  1. Focus on getting all students safely back in school full time.
  2. Recall the most problematic school board commissioners who failed their core duty to safely reopen schools for more than a year.
  3. Structurally change how the school board is formed and set qualifications for serving to avoid ending up in the same mess again.
  • Voting to fire top administrators not in line with the school board’s ideology, which created instability and left a vacuum of expertise that made navigating the pandemic even more difficult.
  • Voting against hiring a consultant to create a plan for reopening schools.
  • Voting to rename schools with a flawed process before making any plans to reopen schools.
  • Voting to end merit-based admission at one of the nation’s top high schools rather than focus on reopening high schools or creating more high schools with high academic standards.
  • Plus, Commissioner Alison Collins wrote racist tweets about Asian Americans in 2016 that resurfaced in 2021. She then sued the school district and her fellow commissioners for $87 million after they censured her for the tweets. Note the school district faces a $169 million deficit.
  1. Decreasing the Distance: This parent-led group is focused on the need to safely reopen all public schools full time. Join their advocacy work. Read a profile about one of their “super mom” founders.
  2. Recall SF School Board: Next, we need to recall the school board members who have failed their core responsibilities in so many ways. Get your petition here. Be sure to sign up on the recall website to stay informed or volunteer. The recall effort is run by parents Autumn Looijen and Siva Raj. Learn about their background in this profile video.
  3. Better SF Public Schools: After the recall, we need to structurally change how the school board is formed so we don’t end up in the same situation again. This political action committee is run by parents Patrick Wolff and Jennifer Butterfoss. They say a “strong, focused and competent public school governance is essential to a great city. Let’s redesign the way our school system is governed.” Read their full vision statement. They are working to amend our city’s constitution with an initiative on the June 2022 ballot that would make the school board an appointed body with certain qualifications for running schools. Also read their excellent research paper that makes the case for an appointed school board.
  4. Friends of Lowell Foundation: If your children aspired to attend Lowell High School, join this group to restore Lowell as an academic and merit-based public high school and to boost academic preparation for all San Francisco public school students. Join here.



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